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Are you stuck in a ditch on the side of the road, or are you knee-deep in a muddy puddle? Are you high-centered? No matter what the situation, never give up. You can now reach us for a winch out assistance! We have recovered vehicles that rolled over, rolled down embankments, stuck in the mud and the ditch. We offer winch out services as one of its many services. Severe weather, swerving to avoid pedestrians or wildlife, or just plain bad luck can leave your vehicle in a dangerous position. Let our winch out and recovery professionals help you get your vehicle back on the road.

Winch Out Roadside Assistance


We all live in the area, so we are aware of the areas that are dangerous during inclement weather. When you are stuck up in the hills or you took a bad gamble by driving through a flood in the city, we will arrive quickly and take care of the issue. We are able to pull light vehicles as well as trucks. Winching a vehicle is done carefully and slowly to avoid damaging the axles and other parts. With or without you in the vehicle, winching can be performed. Untrained friends and family members can do a lot of damage if they try to winch your vehicle to safety.

winch out


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Each tow truck is equipped with a power winch. Your vehicle won’t be damaged in any way. Winch out from ditches, mud, and brush. Charity Towing and Recovery adheres to all rules and regulations regarding winch safety. We make sure our cables aren’t cracked or kinked. Our team uses the latest safety equipment on our tow trucks; we use cables that are strong and durable, proper equipment for winching, with our cables are smooth and have no kinks or cracks. Most importantly, we use the latest winching safety practices to protect you.

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